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So You Want to Host a PARTY...

My dear, you are in the right place! Hosting a party is a fabulous way to introduce your friends to Color Street while earning fantastic rewards! Scroll on to see just how much you can earn!

How Much Do You Want to Earn?

So, what's your party goal? If you're unsure, I recommend shooting for at least $300 to maximize your rewards! All you need is ten friends to place a Buy 3, Get 1 Free order and you'll easily attain your goal.
Here's a glimpse at what a $300 party will earn you:
  • Four free sets
  • Three half-price items
  • Free shipping
And the rewards only increase from there!

Ways to Party

Facebook Party. A Facebook party gets all of your contacts in one place and allows me to present the product to them in a fun, laid-back virtual party environment! We'll play games, win prizes, and your guests can order at any time through your party link!
Party Link. You'll receive a party link, just like you would for a Facebook party. Instead of having a live event, you can text, tweet, email, and send your link to your friends and family however you wish! Make sure you promote your link to get as many orders as possible!

Making Your Party a Success

Post a nailfie with your Color Street strips. Invite anyone who interacts with the post to your party!
Interact with all posts in your Facebook group. This will encourage your guests to participate!
Send personal invitations to your party, whether they be via text, messenger, or hand written cards!
Get excited! When people see how much you love the product, they will want to try it!

Book a Party!

Thanks for submitting!

Ready for More?

Ready to earn even more rewards, including cash and other perks? You might just be a great fit for a Color Street Stylist! Joining is easy, and you'll have me there to guide you every step of your journey. Set your own hours and build your business from the ground up: it's all up to you!

Contact me today, or if you're ready to roll, then dive right in!
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